Mad Uni: Unicycling in Madagascar

Howdy! I recently got back from a two month honeymoon with my new wife, Louise. We spent a month in east africa and a month in Madagascar.

Here is a short video I made from the footage in Madagascar.

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And here are direct links to the videos:

Medium size: 18MB

Large size: 45MB


Wow, those trees look awesome!

…as opposed to the trip you took with your old wife?

I like the chameleon hanging out in one shot.

Lovely vids, Corbin and Louise. It’s nice to have connections to both of you (Lobster). Shirra and I knew Louise from years ago when she visited our old place in Brooklyn. And the baobabs make me think of “Le Petit Prince,” who visits a planet of baobabs and not much else. Considering that Saint Exubery spent time in Africa and other locale with those trees, I guess he based some of that book on his experiences. Or maybe he was just going for the oddest-looking trees he could find. They’re great!

Wishing you many happy years…

Yes, loved the trees, they look absolutely fake. Ridiculous! :slight_smile:

i really liked it :smiley: it was cool watching the kids on the uni those trees are awesome :astonished:

Yeah, it was an amazing experience! French and Malagasy are the primary languages in Madagascar, so I didn’t have a way of verbally communicating with people, but I could always tell when someone wanted to try the uni. At one point a guy came running after us so he could give it a try.

The people were amazingly friendly. We would be riding down the road and all of a sudden the people would just crack up laughing as hard as they could. I could barely get a “salam” in sometimes (hello).