Mad Set Records (Flips only)

Hey Everyone

In this upcoming presummer riding month period I’ll be undergoing a once again big solo video (ex. Macht Nada last year). This will have everything I can do (Sets, Tech Runs, Tech Grinds, Rails, Some ol’ school stuff, streetlanding, Runs with Sets and Rails I really need a filmer though). I’m curious in the set records that are out there, I plan on beating or tieing all of them. (I’m leaving out the tricks with just a curb or drop in them) Please post anything I might have missed. If I don’t recognize the set record please have visual proof, since anyone can say anything. (I don’t really trust people, I didn’t have a mom growing up) (Plus who would go out and risk life and limp for a set record without a camera)(Unless like a 2 set, then post anyway since a 2 set is pretty believeable)(Is this too many brakets?)

Flip - 8
180 Flip - 5
180 Double - 4
Double - 5
Hick - 5
Blind Hick - 2
Hick Double - 4
Back - 5
180 Back - 3
Fakie - 3
Small Inward - 2
Sex Change - 3
Trey - 5
Varial - 3
Late - 5
180 Late - 3

I can’t really think of anymore now. I think those are most of the important ones. (I left out like 180 Blind, Outflip, and others like that since I won’t be doing those.) Thanks for any help you can provide. I don’t need the name of the person that did it, just the number.

-Shaun Johanneson

This one time, my friend was riding down a three set, but his foot came off the pedal. He flipped a few times. Does that count?

i think fakie flips is a 4 set. the rest look good to me. dude u should be able to trash that hick record righ? like 6 or 7

(Its not to many brackets)

Outflip - 5
Outbackflip - (I really want to know, I would be impressed)
Fakie Flip - 4
Doublebackflip - 2
Triple forward - (Shaun?)

Thats all (I know you didn’t want outflips).


Where is this fakie 4. I easily believe this, since 3’s are super easy, but I would like to see it just for enjoyment, does anyone know where this video is?

Straying away from the flips does anyone know what the rev? late rev? 180 rev? 180 late rev? 360 rev? Rewind? Fakie rev? Double rev? Records are.

-Shaun Johannson

I think president luke probably holds the records for revs down stuff. I think He was really into that stuff for a while. Maybe it was Ntappin though.

let me check…

hey shaun wats the biggest set you’ve ever gapped

the 4 fakie is in this vidoe .

Yay, I like when you ride a variety of stuff like that.

Outflip, I think president luke outflipped a 6 set in a movie awhile back, I’ll have to find it.

Speaking of outflips, I think outflips are way cooler then hickflips…

Hmm wait, maybe I’m wrong about the 6 set thing…

what does any of this stuff mean ive never heard of it outflip? hickflips? sets? it be nice if someone could tell me what all of them mean

An out flip is a 180 unispin crankflip from seat in. A set is a stair set.
Hickflips are same as outflips but you start from sif.

Hey shaun whats your record on switch flips? Have you or anyway else tried that you know of, done them over sets? (Hopefully I’ll set the record within the next few days).

And which videos are the back crank down 5 and 180 back down 3 in? I would like to see those.

Owen Kirby did a 180 back rev in a 5 stairs set…

yay. I set/am even with; fakie, out and trey records.

Haha, hate to bust your bubble but I think Shaun succeeded in breaking or matching all of the records.


idk, treyflipping a 5 seat is crazy…

I was going off the list. fakie 4, out 5, trey 5… right?

I haven’t touched a treyflip set for ever. I set the 4 set record over a year and a half ago. Then it was beaten about a year or so later by Xav and President Luke. Outflips I don’t do, I am about that style with varialflips and full varialflips. I saw him out a 5 set, never seen six. 180 Backflip Brian L said he’s done, I believe him. I haven’t tied the fakie 4, but fakie flipping sets is super easy. So expect a 5 set in the video (If the record is higher than that I’ll only do that, when you attempt 15-20 flip set record or ties, it’s really hard to keep up with everything growing, one guy trying to tie everyone). I think I only want trey 5, but the 6 may go down, that’s just getting insane though. I don’t like going big cause it can hurt, but if this vid goes over well for me and I get everything I want (Everything) i’ll send it in to shoe companies. I’m lacking a filmer though, I need the street runs to look like a skateboarding video (it will appeal the the shoe companies more). Yep, that’s all I can think of. Anyone else double reving?

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey shaun, I like what your doing sending the vid to shoe companies and stuff. With treyfilps, you should put a couple of hours into learning to catch them early, then you’ll get the 6 for sure. Good luck.


I agree with luke, much respect to you shaun!