Mad Rock Fury Shoes

My Five Tens finally died, and I was looking around at different shoes when I thought I’d see what Mad Rock has to offer. The Fury is a mid height boot with a stiff midsole for extended approaches, and a sole that is supposedly as sticky as the stealth rubber I’m used to. The tread is a similar dot pattern.

At under $50 I thought I’d give them a go since they get good reviews for approaches, climbing up to 5.8, and I found at least a couple of mountain bikers that give them praise.

I’ll write a review once I have some miles behind me, but for now I was wondering if anyone in the uni community has tried them, or one of their kin.

I got my Fury shoes today. I took them out and immediately felt like I’ve found the perfect shoe. It feels lighter than my fivetens, and the rubber on the sole seems thicker. The overall build is excellent, of course time on the trail will tell for sure. They are built more like a climbing shoe, and so are narrow in the toe box. This may not be for everyone, but I didn’t like how wide my old shoes were, and these fix that problem. I sized them true to my street shoe, and the fit is dead on. I have narrow feet, so if you have wide feet you may want to up size them as I’ve read on other forums/reviews.

I honestly can’t see how MadRock can sell these for $49. Shipped it was still only $55. We’ll see as the Summer heats up whether or not these shoes are as hot as my old ones.

From what I have been told Mad Rock was created after a worker quit 5.10 to start his/her owne climbing shoe company…ripping off 5.10’s shoe designs. But that’s just hear say…and obviously not something you’ll find online.

My thought is, if the shoes work for you then go for it! :wink:

were did you get them from. what sizes did you have. i have big feet

I’ve heard various rumors about the origins of Madrock, and so far nothing that seems like it has anything to back it up. That being said, these boots fit and look quite a bit like my old five tennies. I mean really old, like when they only had two shoes, the five tennie and the high five, that weren’t specifically for vertical rock.

I got them from Mad Rock. I went to the website, and clicked the link for the store. It’s under approach shoes, and the inventory is pretty complete from what I recall.

no go for me wide big feet. size 13-14

Yeah. I don’t know if I would recommend them for wide feet. I have a b width foot, so I’m pretty excited to finally find some shoes that fit well. My last pair of fivetens was wide, and so I went down a half size. That paired with thick insoles did the trick, but they were too small to do much walking. Fine for riding though.

Well. I haven’t had them long enough to say if they’ll wear as well as my 5.10’s, but they are great in every other respect. I honestly can’t say I’ve had shoes that grip better than these. I like the stiff midsole, and the narrow toe box. The sole is stiff enough that you don’t feel the pedal, but when you need to plant your foot there is plenty of cushion.

So far I’ve used them on Jim C’s, Snafu’s, Wellgo platforms, old Shimano XT M730 cage pedals, and Suntour XC 2’s, The grip has been outstanding on all of them. In fact, I think I may stick with the old XT’s for now. I don’t feel like I need the pins for grip with these shoes.

If you can fit in a narrow shoe it’s a great deal on a great MUni shoe. I’ve heard that sizing up a half size is usually good for people with wider feet.