Macy's Passport Videos


Here are two different edited videos of Dan Heaton and Shaun Johanneson’s Performances and Rehersals at Macy’s Passport '07 from September 14th - 29th. The rehersals were filmed the weekend before, and the performances include American Express Night in San Francisco and Teen Night in Los Angeles. Enjoy. The filming is by a friend of mine’s mother.



These vids, as well as all, can be found on my myspace.

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  • Shaun Johanneson

nice, very impressed, looks like it was a good performance.

Top banana

Cool. I acually just saw these on youtube before I saw them posted here.

You must have been super nevous and shaky doing that infront of so many people.

That’s better than alot of the street competition runs I’ve seen.

Great job.

That was perfect! Were you nervous? And btw, thats the first time I see Dan Heaton riding for like a year or smth :astonished:

Wowzors, congrats guys.

Thats some consistant hand rails Shaun, but you couldn’t do a bigspin or something? atleast?

You’ve gotten a lot better than back at Fluck.

Looked pretty sweet.

sick its sweet

lol, jerrick no ofense shaun but it aint hard for u to perform betta than u did at fluck judgin by the qualificin rounds. wat happened man?

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

omg thats too cool shaun. sweet stuff and im happy 2 see dans riding

ya manic i saw the fluck vids and i was shocked by shaun! he seemed a totally different rider omg, not surprise he cried afterwarrds i wud 2!!! :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I’ve seen his Fluck vid. Can someone link me?

And I don’t believe that he cried after…

Sorry, lets get back on topic.

nice riding. Even the best riders I would still be a bit sketchy about risking my “jewels” but that’s what makes it all the more exciting. Nice videos.

Hey Shaun, while you were hanging out with Dan, did you happen to convince him that he needs to put out some more videos? a lot of the forum members are getting hungry for some Dan Heaton Action… We miss your riding Dan!!!

great riding by the Way Shaun, I liked it, congrats on the Macy’s passport thing! Keep riding man, good stuff… good stuff…

the first one is so nice, good luck in competition in germany shaun!

Fluck was just too much pressure for my first competition, first anything actually. Never had ridden infront of anyone. It’s much harder when almost everyone has you picked for number one. Rather than the other riders being in atleast one more competition, as well as, demos and what not from the french and hungarian riders. That would make competiting a lot easier.

The nervousness at passport was of course there, but once I was on the catwalk it got a lot easier. Best time of my life in San Francisco and L.A. (Horrible time in Oakland, sorry Dan) I’m really lucky to be one of two of the most mainstream riders right now in america

I’m not quite sure where the cried part came from, but it’s a pretty funny rumor. It was really upsetting to collapse under that pressure, but it wasn’t that upsetting. I wish I could have practiced before the comp like everyone else, rather than set the course for everyone.

Germany might be a different story, I’m not sure still how I ride under the pressure but I know normal sessions will be nervousless and great.

Dan is getting too old for this stuff. lol. Move on guys, sorry.

-Shaun Johanneson

How old is he? What’s he doing nowadays? Couldn’t he at least be around this forum to chat a little? :thinking:

You think Dan is to old? :thinking:
What about Terry then?
He is 51 years old and still rides, and does some prety need things.
So Dan is realy not to old to ride.
But his injury at his back must be stopping him to ride allot.

Edit: ohw and nice video’s Shaun (but I allready said that on MSN yesterday)
Realy liked that they choice you guys to advertise a sports drink.
Good way to promote the sport big time.

Peter M

People can’t get mad at me if I say he’s too old. That’s what he says.

Now… He’s living life. That’s what he is doing. lol. He’s working, hanging out with his girlfriend. Life, just without unicycling.

-Shaun Johanneson

haha, figures, oh well… we’ll all just have to work harder to achieve Dan heaton flow so we wont have to complain that he’s not here entertaining us. I’m all for working harder! what do you say guys?

I ainth mad at you Shaun :wink:
Just saying that you are never to old to unicycle.
But if he wants to quit, no problem.
It’s Dan’s live, not our live.

Peter M