Machined Brake Tracks

Herro, I’m a shallow guy with a shallow question.

If you’re building a unicycle with a disc brake, do you think that a machined sidewall detracts from appearance?

On the sister uni I’m building up to match my 700c, a non-machined rim is nary to be found in the color I want. I got my new rim today with machined sidewall, and can’t decide if it takes away from the spirit of the project or not.

I know, kind of a pointless question, but I was just wondering what everyone else thinks because I can’t do anything without the guidence of an internet audience.



If you want them to match it seems that if they both had machined sidewalls that would make sense…

Yeah, but my 700c already has a non-machined rim.

I figured I’d get the machined version for my new uni (since the non-machined version is unavailable), but don’t quite know what I think of it yet.

A machined sidewall is only OK if you use shiny cranks and polish your seatpost clamp.

Hey, good idea! Maybe I should just chrome all of my parts…

Its going to look terrible!! I’ll take it :smiley:

Well, its laced now so theres no turning back. Ill just have to learn to love it.

Looking at it put together, its actually not all that different. I figure being a muni, the pc would have scratched and chipped anyway.

On tuesdays and thursdays i match my underwear to my socks.

And the other days? :smiley:

No socks.

Kiefer, we must be diametric opposites. I’ve used a brake on a painted, non-machined rim. There are plenty of people with no brakes who have machined rims (and empty brake bosses to boot).