Machined 5" Kooka DH cranks for sale

Hey everyone, as I no longer need, or even want, a trials specific uni, I have a set of Kooka cranks that have been machined down to 5" lying around that could be of far better use to someone else.

These were machined by either Darren Bedford, or one of ‘his guys’, very nice workmanship.

The only thing preventing these from being in Perfect Condition is the paint wear. This is black paint over what appears to be a silver set of Kooka’s. The black is wearing down from shoe wear.

I would venture a guess and say that I used these on 3-4 trials runs (as you can see, no crank grabbing)

After several photo attempts at trying to get into the fine detail of the threads and tapers, no pics came out showing those specific details. But they are perfect.

These cranks only came off the hub once…right now for these pics. Mrs. Sofa spent more time on these cranks than I have!

$150 Canadian, you pay shipping, and they are yours. if you are interested

I could use some of those real bad but they are way to expensive

What do you mean? $150 Canadian is only like $20 in US currency.

What do you mean? $150 Canadian is only like $20 in US currency.:smiley:

yeah…non machined ones are $225