Macalester Uni?

Just wondering if anyone here by any chance goes to Macalester College and Unicycles. Myself and several others are getting together a club and are looking for interest. Let me know!

I went there in 1982 for the National Unicycle Meet. It was at Macalester. It was a bloody hot weekend; a heatwave!

Well its pretty cold right now! I’m glad the Uni community was active in 1982, I’m just hoping there are a couple more Unicyclists here at Macalester besides the 2 other I know of!

There are plenty of active unicyclists in the area.
Not necessarily at Macalester, but TCUC is all over the place.
What kind of riding are you interested in?

We are getting together for some street & trials this weekend.
Going to be some light muni at the same location.
Weekly indoor practices/classes on Wednesdays & Thursdays.
Sometimes public space on Mondays, and we have hockey tonight
in Columbia Heights.

Shoot me a PM we can get you on a mailing list or two.

well for anyone who is interested and lives in the st. paul MN area. The Mac Uni club will be taking weekly trips to Battle Creek Park for some Muni action. Let me know if you are interested.