ma is goin' down

an hour ago i was stopped by a university police officer. he told me that unicycling in a public place was illegal in the state of texas and that the next time he saw me unicycling he’d issue me a citation, and that he would circulate a memo about me to the rest of the department. he kept repeating in that horrible f.o.b. voice that a unicycle is not a bicycle, and also that it is not “approved”. he asked me if i had any identification with me, so i gave him my driver license. he glanced at it and then handed it back, after saying that he would ‘let’ me have it back

between then and now i have combed through the texas transportation code. it defines ‘bicycle’, ‘motor vehicle’, ‘motorized mobility device’, and ‘pedestrian’, but does not have a term for ‘everything else’. there is also not any provision anywhere that only such and such vehicles could use roads. by the way, ‘roads’ may or may not include sidewalks, it depends on interpretation. there is a chapter entitled ‘CHAPTER 551. OPERATION OF BICYCLES, MOPEDS, AND PLAY VEHICLES’ in which there is no further mention of ‘play vehicles’, nor is there any in any other part of the code

does anybody here know anything else about unicycles and texas law?

it seems to me that, while not explicitly legal, it is not illegal to operate a unicycle in a public place. i plan on talking with officer ma’s commander today, see if i can get him spanked

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I rode my Muni at a bicycle ride which was an “organized fund raiser” a few weeks ago with quite a few Park Police and San Antonio Police officers without any problems. In fact, they were quite impressed by the presence of a unicycle on the road. I think the officer that you had an incident with has a problem and should be reported!

What kind of “unicycling in a public place” were you doing?

Trials? Practicing Skills? Going from point A to B? Riding on the road?

I can understand being scolded for riding Trials or in high traffic areas but if the officer has an attitude a little diplomacy will get you farther.

There was a thread a few months ago about a very polite letter prepared for the police. Maybe someone can find it.

edit: Here is a thread with a letter to Campus Police .

Do a “police” search and you’ll find pleny of advice.

Good Luck

sounds like a dumbass with a badge to me… I wouldn’t worry about it

i was riding from the library to my apartment, on an empty sidewalk

i’ve decided based on advice that amounts to pretty much the same as what you guys just gave me that he was just being a jackass. i’ll pretend it never happened. and besides, the loser works night shift and doesn’t patrol anywhere past the edge of campus. he won’t ever see me again. contempt, all the way

Unicycle police!

This is an interesting situation. It would seem that most laws are written with no thought given to “1” wheeled cycles. We are truely in a grey area of the law. This is not the first time I have seen this come up. Personally I ride all over the srteets in Elkgrove Village Illinois and come across cops all the time. All they have done to date is stare and wonder “what the hell was that” and maybe slow down to watch me.
But, if you are on a side walk you are still basicly ungoverned too.
Unicycles are not covered by any specific law. Why would they be…when was the last two Unicycle crash at an intersection or a robber got away on a Unicycle after a high speed police persuit!
This doesn’t mean we can be jerks and do what ever we want…just almost and talk our way out of it.

but the thing is is that i haven’t been a jerk yet. and some laws do govern unicycles because they apply to ‘everything but bicycles’

Welcome to the Unicycling Martyrs club where we all get craped on by police officers for “bicycling” in parks or wherever else bycicles are prohibited!