M41 Techno ISIS cranks 90mm

Located in Canada, buyer pays shipping. These were bought in May of this year and have been ridden a bit. If interested please reach out and we can discuss price.

What’s the crank length?

Hi Oridemic, they are 90mm cranks.

Ah, okay. I was hoping they were smaller than my current 89 mil cranks on my freestyle.

What length are you looking for @Oridemic ? They could be drilled and tapped to 73mm or shorter. I’m asking since I am local to @Sexy , I could do that if you really wanted shorter :slight_smile:

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I was just asking in case they were insanely short like the 65 mil cranks that UDC was struggling to sell. I may want to message @sexy about making cranks that are some insane length like 45 mil. How much would it be to have cranks that are drilled and tapped like that from him/her?

Hey There, if you’re on FB I can set up a group chat between the 3 of us and help you figure out the cost. There would essentially be shipping, labour for @jaco_flans, and buying the cranks. If you’re located in the states shipping has been $30 CAD or less in most cases it seems.

For sure. I’ll have to get home and get into Facebook again. It’s been awhile since I’ve been on it.

Email or messaging on here works too. If you want to PM me and @jaco_flans he can confirm labour charge, and send me a pm with your address and an offer we can discuss price and shipping.

That’s also possible here

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