M3: Marvelous Morgan Muni

Today I returned to the old standby, Hummingbird Trail, up in Simi Valley, but this time I had Morgan to ride with and we took our time working stuff on the edges of the trail where (like most of the trails in this area), the options are as crazy as you want to make them. No shortage of insane rock ramps over ghastly abysses and drops in the 10 foot range if you’re bold or foolish enough to try them.

Marvelous Morgan herself has been pretty skilled for about a year but now she’s busting out a new gear. Maybe her performance will encourage other women to get out on the trail and greatly improve the overall ambience of So Cal muni. This boy’s club thing just ain’t cutting it . . .


I wasn’t there, but I’ve got some pics. . .I’m impressed, as usual.

Gallery: http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=317756&g2_statusId=x5f30ebcc&g2_navId=xddfc4024

“Marvelous Morgan Motoring”

“No pause on the rough stuff”

morgan motoring.JPG



no pause.JPG

Morgan’s a shred-betty. We need some agro-females out east, too.

Yea morgan! Thanks for making so cal muni not a total sausage-fest!:smiley:

Haha my friend Eric and I were right across the street riding Devil’s Slide! We only had one car or we also would have done Hummingbird. We were there aound 1pm.:smiley: The weather was peferct btw!

Thanks guys! It’s great to get back in the swing of things after my uni hiatus. John Long is so much fun to ride with! We tackled every single section of that trail; I was able to retry parts I normally UPD on the first time until I had them nailed. That’s the beauty of riding in small groups . . .