Lyte Ryder/Wilder MUni frame meets Magura – DONE!

[B]Fellow MUni riders,

I am proud to say we have done it! Together with masterful design and precision craftsmanship by Scott Wallis, we have modified an aluminum Lyte Ryder/Wilder fork by welding on brake mounts that are compatible with Magura HS33 brakes. This project was very recently completed.

I introduce the Uber MUni aka Purple Passion. In the image below, the frame and wheel set are mine. The seat , seatpost, brake set, and pedals are Scott’s.

More pix on the development are available at[/B]

combo image

Help! Stop me before I slap a Barney sticker on your frame. :smiley:

Seriously, that’s going to be a nice muni. Light is nice. My muni is a tank in comparison. I have never weighed my muni, but it’s probably almost 17 pounds when I add the brake.

I see that you (or Scott) decided not to use the brake booster. A brake booster really shouldn’t be needed with the style of brake mount you’re using. Unicycles don’t need to lock up the brakes like a trials bike. The only concern I’d have with the aluminum frame is the brake flex causing the welds to crack. Aluminum doesn’t like flexing as much as steel.

Wow, if I ever stumble on a couple extra thousand dollars, I know what I want! Seriously, how much do you have invested in the purple monster?



This is SO beautiful. Congratulations.


Scott brought it along to show it off when we did our last MUni ride. That is indeed a beautiful machine. Scott also showed me a pair of his brake mounts and they are a work of art.

Looks great, Rod. I, like the others, will be keen to hear progress reports if you will make them!

Congratulations! It’s been a long time coming, huh? It looks like it was certainly worth the wait. Good luck with it, Scott did a beautiful job.

Amazing! I loved the gallery.

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This is way above average work, boys!

Now I see why you didn’t want to jack my thread.

I think I would use the booster, more out of paranoia probably. On the other hand, how will you know what will happen unless you try?

Thanks for the positive comments! It was a lot of work but Rod was great to work with, through email and phone calls. His enthusiasm made it fun. Some of you may be thinking the process outlined in the gallery looked like overkill but that is just the way I work and I wanted to make it a repeatable process. I will at least be doing it on mine, and if anyone else is interested I will be glad talk to them about doing it.
I don’t know if Rod will use the booster or not. I don’t anticipate any problems with the frame, but it is uncharted territory so we will see.

My first muni ride after my surgery was on Rod’s new ride as soon as I got the brakes on it. It was quite a coincidence that that was the day I was suddenly healed enough to ride.:smiley: I couldn’t believe how well they worked and how quickly I got used to using them. The Drastic Lightfoot hub and Kooka cranks felt really solid and his wheelset is .6 lb. lighter than my Profile/Sun Dblwide setup.

I think he is going to enjoy it.


Rod, Scott,

Looks great! Did you weigh it?


As pictured it weighed 15.06 lb. on my electronic scale. (See the last picture in the gallery)
We will get it under 15 just to make it sound better.
Rod will reply late tonight.


Sweeet! That is one fine looking ride.

That looks great! Hey Scott, Downiville again:) ? A brake ought to make it extra nice. I wonder, could someone make a less than 15 pound muni with profiles and a magura and a non-aluminum frame? That ought to be a challenge. I don’t like al. as a frame, so I myself would probably still ride steel. With that in mind, someday I wish to make my muni less than 15lbs with a magura, gazz or Intense 3.0, profiles, and a steel frame. That ought to be a real challenge. CF spokes here I come (just kidding, one hit and the things break!). Is the afore-mentioned weight challenge impossible?

John: Kris said his KH pro muni weighed 16.4lbs with brake in one of his old galleries. My Yuni with a KH seat and profiles and a dx-32 and intense 24x3.0 DH is a bit less than 15 lbs. Mabey I could cut some weight by eliminating 12 spokes;) .

I don’t have my muni outfit with low weight as the highest priority. I use a heavy Intense DH tube that weighs around 19 oz. It’s not a light tube. I could save weight by using a lighter tube, but I don’t want the increased risk of pinch flats. I also use steel carriage bolts in the seat. I could save weight by using aluminum bolts in the seat. More weight could be saved by switching to a lighter tire like the Duro tire instead of the Gazz. I like my muni the way it is. I don’t mind the extra weight.

Here’s the gallery with the weight of the KH Pro with Profile cranks and other fancy bits. Bronson Silva’s muni weight gallery. The gallery is on

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! This really was a fun project. My best experience in UNiland, by far. Scott’s got a really great sense of humor that comes through in his emails. Everyone should have the experience of working with Scott. He always had an answer to every question, was thorough and always consulted me with every step. Knowing that images were coming through in emails, I often had my drool cup ready for the staring that always would follow.

The paint job is so nice, it’s almost like you don’t want to ride it. Tommy(TMornstar), knows that feeling - just ask him about his flame frame;). Scott, said it was wild, and it sure turned out to be, upon arrival, I called Scott and went outside while talking to him on the phone and held it up high to the sun, just to see how purty it was. I joked with Scott, that it was tempting to get out some bubble wrap and cover the sides of the blades just to save the paint.


I think it is important to remember that as we work our way through our hobby, we upgrade, which is half the fun. Over the last three years, I have done exactly that. Many of the parts on the Uber Muni were swapped off my old Muni. The net effect is that over time those upgraded parts are bought and when something like this happens, the increased cost isn’t as astounding as it might seem.

Items I swapped out.

Seat assembly,
CNC Bridgeman handle
Airseat assembly including CF base
KH seat bracket
Seat post
Kooka cranks
Snafu pedals
Gazz with Tube
Magura HS 33Brakes

Thus the only things new were the Wheel, frame with
frame mods and paint. The paint was a custom color, so it was a bit more expensive than stock colors.

That being said, purchasing wheel with wheel labor, frame, mods with paint, came to less than $1200. The result was a finished muni for that amount. That’s much less than the Wilder without brakes that was sold by I think Scott had worked harder on this project than he first estimated. He kept to his estimate, though, but has told me that more practice would refine the procedure and create a more accurate cost for his services.

Other Mods:

In a quest to become an UberMUni, I plan on reducing weight by eventually having the seat post fixed at a specific angle, thereby eliminating the clamp at the top of the seat post and the KH bracket. My KH bracket weighs 7.8oz. Although, heavier, steel braided lines will replace my current plastic lines, when they become available.

In the pictures you have seen, Scott has one of his CF prototype handles mounted, this weighs a hair under the weight of a Miyata handle. I plan on swapping out my current handle, and going with a CF handle, as well.

I plan on logging hours in the saddle every time I ride, just to keep an accurate record. I will share updates as time goes on.

Ironically, I have not had time to ride it off road :astonished: . At Joshua Tree National Monument a few weels ago, my brake line was pinched between a rock and the seat post in a fall, thereby opening a gash. I just got the brakes back on Wednesday, but had no sooner picked them up from the bikeshop, mounted them on the frame, and then had to leave to see KH in Santa Barbara. My only riding was a few turns in the parking lot before I headed North. Couldn’t really comment on how they worked in a flat parking lot. Broken car prevents me from going out Friday, so it looks like Saturday morning for a “Shake down” ride.


its a nice uni and all but i dont think it is the “Uber MUni” as you say.if you like Aluminum,so be it but ive seen thousand dollar dental work do to the stuff.

what made you choose the color periwinkle ?

I always plan to have to work harder than I estimate.:slight_smile:

On future brake conversions the charges will be as follows:

Mounts, setup, welding, detailing - $170

Powdercoat in standard colors - $60

Customer pays all shipping.

This is for a new bare frame. If it is already powdercoated I will have to charge something for stripping.

You can email me direct at: scott at


I think someone could do that. I was thinking that the sources for it might come from George Barnes or maybe even Chris Reeder. Chris’ early frames were really light for a steel frame. As I recall around 1.5 lbs, but I can’ remember if that was with the bolts and the bottom half of the bearing holders included, nor did it have brake mounts on it. A Google search under Chris Reeder Ears, should bring itup if you want to view the specs ond see an image. Chris sold all of his toolswhen he left unicycling, but it looks like he’s back. Does that leave titianium? I know it’s been discussed" way back when", but I can’t remember if it was only for trials frames.

Chris Reeder frames