Lyte Rider seat post clamp size?

Anyone know what size seat post clamp fits the Lyte Rider/Wilder fork?

The guy at the LBS measured the OD of the seat post at 28.6, but said that was going to be too tight. He recommended a seat post clamp at 28.8mm and that 30mm was too big

The Salsa Flip-lock doesn’t come in a 28.8mm, ya’ll using a 28.6?

I know we used the Surly Constrictor on a Lite (Blue) frame so it must have been the smaller one (30.0), even though it sounds too big. Unless of course Scott changed the frame tubing size.

However, if the bike shop guy measured the OD at 28.6, then just use the 28.6 Fliplock. It may be a little work to get it on. If it doesn’t go on easily by hand, you should be able to grease it, then tap it on gently with a lead shot hammer. You may push aside a little powder coating, but that’s no big deal. It will get smushed anyway. Then you can clean off the grease and you’re all set.

The Fliplock works really really well on my Pashley, but I don’t know how well it will grip with the aluminum frame.


thanks for responding. I actually went in to order the Surly Constrictor from the LBS, but when we measured it, came up with 28.6. I actually would have preferred the Surly because of your experience using a Trans X seat post, like mine.

If no one else responds with the actual dimension, I will try the 28.6.