Lyndale park video

Hey everyone,

  I went out yesterday for a ride at the park and decided to bring along the camera and film a little. I ended up making a little movie out of it   

It is called: Lyndale park video Its 5.12MB and it is 1:28 minutes long.

I also added some stills in my gallery of the video

Here it is :


–Sabin A.

sabin is #1. good stuff, although you need to ride that second log…


Oh,and,your welcome.

thanks Trip,

 that log line is a lot harder than it looks, the take off and landing points are very weird.. its really hard to compress your tire on a corner edge and land with control on that second log

…Never the less it shall be done for my next little movie:)

-Sabin Arditty

Nice stuff Sabin. Teach a couple of us fogies how to use that video camera, and next time we go to Gasworks we can roll the footage while you just go nuts on the stunts. Then I’ll have a good reason for not trying that drop that’s been scaring me.


That was really good!

you make hopping up picnic tables look like nothing, and the only time you screw up its because of mother nature.

That was a sweet video and sweet musac:D