LX vs. CX

i am looking to buy a uicycle and i have been told that the torker LX is agood buy but i was wondering what the difference between the LX and CX and would the CX be a bad starter uni.

I think the LX is worth the extra money. It’s a bit stronger, can fit a wider tire, more space on the frame for one foot tricks, better seat and has a handle. I’ve seen people hop up and ride down stairs w/ the CX. Neither would last long w/ abuse like that but the LX would a little longer.

Also the CX’s super skinny streight seat makes the uni wobble side to side more and is less comfortable.

Edit: If you start to get into trials or muni you’ll start to break parts. Stronger replacements aren’t expensive and worthwhile upgrading if you can’t afford a splined uni (but start saving for one). Don’t do any drops more than two stairs or 1 ft.

The CX is fine as a starter unicycle. For just a little more money, the LX is stronger, has a better tire, a better wheel (rim), a better seat and will last longer.

CX is good for starting…but that’s all it’s good for. I recommend the LX.

yeah, I speak from experience if you want to try distance, DO NOT try it on a CX… BAD IDEA, anyway, CX seems to stand up to a lot of what i put it through (jumping up stairs, jumping down stairs, riding down stairs, ect.) but the seat is like a brick in disguise and is not comfortable AT ALL. the LX I will assume is a good unicycle but I’ve never ridden one a DX is goo to because you can put a 20" wheelset on the 24" frame and experiment with both trials and MUni. so I would go DX(because I have one) but if you are just choosing between a LX and a CX I would go the route of the LX it will last longer and is good for trying all kinds of styles, except distance which you probably shouldn’t experiment with on a 20" unicycle.

LX. no contest. The CX is horrible. Unless you get it for free you should never own one. Youll get too good for it really quickly and its not that much cheeper than the LX

Here’s how i see it. :smiley:

LX - Cheaper then the CX (depending on where you get it from) durable and may have an uncomfortable when riding at fair distance. But definitely value for $$$.

CX- Good for learning.