Lx to trials uni

hey i was just wondering if i bought a 19’ wheelset and put it on my 20’ torker lx, would i be about to fit a 19 x 2.5 tyre on it?

I don’t know but sounds like a pain in the ass to try and change an lx part by part into a dx or kh20.

a wheelset is going to cost about as much as a dx anyways

holy crap it probably would. oh well it was just a thought.

No it would not, I have a torker lx and i had thought about using that frame with a cc and it would not fit in between the frame.

I think there are certain year models that would fit it.

i’m not sure it would be a great idea, especially since you can get a cheap-ish koxx crmo frame… and then seatpost (not exactly breaking the bank seatposts arent :P)

and u’d have a better uni… but u’d be better off buying a DX and keeping an LX for freestyle…

yeah i was thinking that too [lx for freestlye] but yeah i was just putting it out there because i just wanted to know. thanks guys i didnt think a cc would fit anyways