LX tire problems

I have had 2 LX tires that have failed. Just wondered if anyone else has had problems with original equipment tires on the Torker LX?

The first tire failed to the extent that the tube protruded through the sidewall of the tire. There was a noticeable lump that developed on the sidewall of the second tire so I replaced it too.

Just for information … I ran these tires at about 40 pounds of pressure. They are rated 40-60psi. I was doing freestyle riding, no jumps or hopping. I weigh 155 pounds. The tires were mounted properly, not off center.

Before putting the third tire on lastnight, I put some air in the tube and inspected it carefully. It looked good. No bubbles or weak spots on it.

Have I just been unlucky or are these tires generally poor quality?

Do you keep replacing it with the same tire it came with all three times? What tire is that? The more recent LX’s I think come with Kenda K-rad tires, which aren’t too shabby, but the older models just came with basic tires.

I’ve never heard of the tires on an LX specifically being bad, so I would just say you’re unlucky, or there’s something else missed, or something…

My tire was fine, but I replaced it with the Maxxis Maxx Daddy. I got it from my LBS for around $25. It’s fat and knobby and has a maximum psi of 40, so it’s a lot softer which makes it more fun.

i got a performance products tire for my DX when it had a 20" rim, it was good, strong 120 PSI thick sidewalls, and pretty light, i used it for like 3 months and it still has plenty of tread on it.

I have been replacing them with the same original equipment tire but there is a reason. Tmornstar bought several LX unicycles for people and replaced the original tires with something “better”. Thus, tmornstar had several LX tires leftover. I got my replacement tires for free, courtesy of tmornstar. I guess I should not complain too loudly since my 2 replacement tires did not cost me anything.

FYI - The first tire lasted about a year before it failed, the second tire lasted only a couple of months before I gave up on it and replaced it.

Unlucky me …

I think its time for a Red Primo ‘the wall’. That would look cool with the black uni.

I definetly recommend a Primo The Wall.

Rated for 85 PSI.

If you like really really smooth rolling tires, I recommend a Primo Comet, 110 PSI.

I don’t suppose you know anyone who just might happen to have a red Primo “the wall” tire?

How about 2 left cranks?

I have two broken left cranks, there 125 aluminium cranks:D yours for 5quid + postage lol

As of today I have 3 left 102mm cranks and 1 right crank!

I dont have an extra tire, I just like the red ones.

When tmornstar runs out of LX tires I will have to start buying them. Maybe I will buy one of them thar primo tires. Not sure what color though.

Good luck with your cranks and all the other attached parts.

I also have a set of the cranks that come with the 19" Qu-ax splined uni. Left and right:D

Edit: 140mm I think

its a premium products tire, i always get that wrong
whateva thats what it is
i STRONGLY suggest getting one of them
they are beasts for tires, really popular for street BMX around here for a reason, they last forever and are plenty grippy on any surface (excluding smooth and wet… but what tire is good for that)

ohh and your local wal-mart has bicycle tires that will work fine on it :slight_smile:
especially if you get the street ones

ive never had a problem with my LX tire. but i only use it for riding nuthin else. the most it goes through is an occasional curb.

teach me how to ride THROUGH curbs (jk)
dude, your Lx can take SO much more than a curb
my friend took his off of a 3 set repeatedly … then it bent on a 4 set, and we had no freaking clue how to land… it was rock solid :slight_smile: