LX rims and tires?

What’s the largest tire that anyone viewing has successfully fit on a stock Torker LX rim (circa 2003-4, but I’m fairly sure the specs haven’t changed)? I want to salvage some parts, but I couldn’t find any forum threads on this.

Seriously, no one has modified the Torker LX before? :astonished:

The fattest tire I have seen and rode on, on a LX, has benn 2.3.

I dont know what brand it was, I think it was a maxxis tire, but it was fat and nice.

I have also heard of the onza sticky finger, I havent seen ot tried one, but heard they make a good trials tire, just not sure if it would fit.

You could go to your LBS and ask them to go through there tires and find the fattest tire that will fit.

I think you got the year of LX that had a 1.75-1.95 tire on them, but the 2006 ones had 2.125s that I thought were a lot better and gave way more bounce then the smaller ones. So if anything, a 2.125 is guranteed to fit the LX.

Thanks. 24" is an odd size for the local bike shop, who think I’m retarded everytime I say, “No. I need it for a unicycle”, so I expect to order the tire.

And it is the 1.95 stock tire rim.

I have not changed the tire on my LX24 as I ended up getting a KH24… the LX doesn’t get ridden much now haha.

But my son has an LX20 and I just put a Maxxis MaxDaddy on it, 2.25" and has a decent tread for both pavement and muni. If you could find a 2.3" of some sort, it might fit, depending on if it had big knobbys or not. He was on a Holy Roller 2.20 before that and that’s a really good all around tire, but he wanted something with more bite in the dirt.

Your LBS (local bike store) should have 24" tires being that it is the size of children’s mountain bike tire. but i have ran into some pretty crappy bike store, the ones who have know idea about anything. sorry i run lx unis stock because no point in dropping money on them. :smiley: