lx repair questions...need help fast!

I was working today (riding my lx)and my peddal was acting funny then it just came off…the crank is stripped… and this is my first crank replacement ever…i dunno what sized cotterd or cotterless and if they are compatible with the lx and what crank tool 2 buy 2 get them off and how to get them off…i need 2 order them 2 night …so it would be great if you could help me out quickly…

oh and i need 2 replace the tire for my lx aswell and its default with a 1.95 tire…how much bigger can i go…and what tires on unicycle dotcom. that arnt off road would fit on it and the frame without trouble ?

this helps me so much …i tried 2 call uni.com them selfs but they had left for the day so… i call apon you guys

ps…man i really need 2 get back on the forums…i used 2 be on every day now im only on if i have troubles


Ok look on the back side of the crank…Its should say a 3 digit number(probly 125 0r 127) thats the length. As for pulling them off just go to the LBS and tell they you need a cotterless crank puller and they will know what to give you. They can show you how to use it aswell if you ask them nicely and if they dont then it should come with instructions.

As for a tire any thing thats 20x2.2 or smaller width will fit the LX.

EDIT: A quick check on UDC and it says that the Torker LX 20" unicycle has 125mm cranks on it.

douse the 2.2 goe for the 24 ince aswell?

ooh! ooh! how about i just send you my universal crank extractor to borrow, then u send it back? pretty sweet, like a commune or something.
ill pay for shippin back if you pay for shipping to you.

I hear alot of people saying 2.2 is the biggest tire for the LX. I’ve put a 2.25 on mine and had alot of clearance left.

The cranks on the LX are extremely difficult to get off.
I just took it to my LBS

I bought my replacement cranks for UDC sin the description it says that they are the ones for a Torker LX

Oh…you have the 24"…yes the tire size would be the same but the cranks would be different length. Sorry i thought you had the 20"

And ice_cold. It would be chaeper for him to buy his own crank puller that he would have forever and whenever he needed it.

EDIT: Heres the ones you need…probly the 150s for a 24" if you want the same ones as before

I have had a 2.64" tyre on mine. The one I got a 2.34".

this is what you need. it will pull any crank. (although i’m curious as to whether it will work on splined cranks)

Cotterless cranks all all the same size at the hub. In other words, interchangeable. 125 is a good length for cruising on a 24", but a little short for offroad. You said you didn’t want an offroad tire though. 150 is probably too long for most non-dirt activities. How about 140? I used to have a 24" with those, for basketball and the Obstacle Course. My other 24" had 125s for racing. Measure your old cranks center of hole to center of hole to see what size they were.

my lx came with a 20’ x 2.25" tire

so would the 24 inch hook worm work on it in that case?

Look at the pic on Unicycle.com, then look at the clearance at the top of the tire to the frame…A 24x2.5 hook worm would never in a amillion years it that frame.