LX or LX pro?

I have been unicycling for a few years on Torker CX unicycle. It is getting pretty beat up, and I am trying to decide whether to get a LX or an LX pro unicycle. I am planning on learning some more tricks. Which one is better? What is the difference even?

LX Pro. Seat is better, hub and cranks are better. Nicer looking too. I learned on a 26" Lx, then bought a 20" lx pro for something a little nicer. The 26 now has a bent hub and the crank arms were loose after getting the hang of it. You won’t be sorry for the extra $$.
IMO anyway.

Besides improved hardware the LX Pro has some subtle differences that you won’t notice until doing higher level skills, like the top of the tire is closer to the frame crown which makes stand-up tricks easier.

Go with the Pro! I’m so glad I did. I’ve had mine since August and it’s held up well and rides great.