lx or cx

hey all my local bike stores have the 20" cx but the lx is more recomended and more expensive. however i cant see a difference. which is better and why and by how much.


also if you have another suggesting for a begginier uni for under like 140$ ide be happy to listen.


Always google and check the forum about deals


The above deal looks better than others, but I am not shopping now and new deals keep coming.

The general consensus of the forum is that it is sad that the uni market is so extremely price sensitive. The cx, and Sun, and other bottom dollar steel rimed wonders, with nasty seats, have done as much to disappoint starting uni riders as gravity.:frowning: Uncomfortable compared to the lx, you also don’t get the serious upgrade of everything that makes an lx the better way to go. Buy Odessey pc pedals for 13$ and an lx is a fine ride to start of with.:slight_smile:

k, so you say to go with the lx. but how is it better, i mean it looks the same as the cx and ide rather buy local and not have to ship it. and will either of them take tricks or will i have to go with a more costly modle for that?

and why the pedals?

sorry but i have 2349857324095 questions

I learned on a CX, but if I was able to a get an lx for that price I would have.

Here’s the problems I had with my cx:
The seat was extremely small and it actually hurt to sit on it. The seat also did not have a handle, making it extremely hard to hop.

The seatpost clamp was hard to figure out at first, but once I had it figured out, it worked fine. However, because there is a handle on the clamp, it often caught my shorts and made me fall off my uni.

My wheel also bent very quickly(though not that much) possibly because of trying to hop. The largest drop I ever did on it was about 6 inches, but that may also have caused it. Either way, the wheel isn’t that strong.

Based on the pictures of the LX, the seat is obviously better, and the seatpost clamp is a double bolt clamp(much better than the cx clamp).

Many websites also say that the LX is very durable, so, even though many people(and possibly you) upgrade from their learner unis, that may not happen as quickly for you.

If you use the link from feel the light’s post, the cx isn’t that much cheaper, so I would definitely get the lx.

get lx

I believe the cx is a lot more durable. It was my starter uni but I used it for 1-3 foot drops. The cranks are better on the cx and are harder to strip. My friend got an lx and all he did was ride and go backwards and they stripped out before mine did. The seat on the other hand is a lot better with the cushiony seat and handle though the handle get in way for flat. The lx is a good 2 pounds lighter then the cx so it may be the better choice if you want to go into street. But if your’e more into freestyle and flat you should get the cx.

So you “think the cx is a lot more durable.” Didn’t you trash your cx wheel, and end up getting a Nimbus? Maybe you didn’t go through with the Nimbus, but I remember you wanting to know how to change your rim. If the CX cranks are stronger (maybe true, but I doubt it), they would be a cheap (>$10) “upgrade” if the LX cranks ever broke.

The Lx has a double wall rim with 48 spokes and a chrome moly frame. It is such an upgrade that the cx doesn’t even seem like it belongs in the same lineup.

Anyway, the consensus is that if you want a decent uni for not much the LX is alright and the cx is not good for long.

There are always people who believe the world is flat, but so few that it would be a waste of time trying to convince them otherwise. It is nice to see that even a simple question will bring advocates from all sides. I think this is what Fox news calls “fair and balanced.”


Why are you resurrecting a three-month old thread about buying an lx or cx? I am sure the decision has already been made.

Excellent point. I just didn’t want anyone left thinking that the cx was in any way comparable to the LX. If someone does use the search function to find a comparison this thread will come up, and it could be misleading.