Lx is being a bitch


yesterday me and the gang were riding around town. One kid doesnt notice his pedals loose, and strips the crank real bad. luckily I have another crank at home for him. but, when we go to replace it we cannot get the stripped crank off!


is there some secret to the cranks on the LX?

Here’s the secret:

If that doesn’t work, try this:

i;m sorry but i had to laugh at that one.

Or, try using one of these to avoid your puerile use of foul language in both your title and your post. Think about your audience for a moment and what their age, gender, and sensitivity might be. Then go back to thinking about how cool you appear by using foul langauge in a family oriented forum.


I don’t see what the big problem is, he probably just didn’t realize you would have preferred it being called an ado or a vexation

It’s probably useless to repeat oneself to the completely oblivious and self-absorbed.

Where did he swear in his post? “WTF” is certainly not a swear word. It could mean “what the freak” just as easilly and anyone who reads it at as more grown up version already swears and isn’t being shown anything new.

Anyway, go to a bike shop and get a crank puller, or possibly borrow one of theirs.

it never used to say WTF it used to say the full length version

I had the exact same problem wheni tried to replace my lx pedals with new ones and i tightened them instead of loosening them off but I kept twisting them thinking they might had had some rust on them and turns out i stripped the pedal and the crank so i had to buy new cranks and I couldnt get the old crank off so i justtook it up to the bike shop and they took both cranks off and put the new cranks and pedals on for 8 bucks

I tried everything to get the crank off I hammered and pulled while hammering and got someone else to pull while i hammered but just gave up

You’re just a little bit unobservant, aren’t you?
As usual, I’m with Harper on this one
This is a family forum.
There are people less than 10 on here
It doesn’t offend me, but it DOES offend others.
Just be careful

This is a lesson this country is learning the hard way.

and if the above fails…

You are saying this despite the fact that you stereotype people by age and gender in your post. Sorry, but I just hate censorship. I don’t think Obscured should have to censor himself. Bitch is a word, and if we use it more it won’t be taboo. When I was growing up ass, piss, and crap were considered pretty taboo, but now you can use them anywhere.

And those words are frequently used when articulation is not available as an option. This seems to be the norm rather than the exception now. I personally detest censorship. I respect self control. The difference is glaring.

if its a cotterless crank- then you have to buy the tool for it- or take it a LBS
Go here!

If I am thinking “Fuck you” that is what I’ll write, I don’t bust out a thesaurus whenever I want to say things of that nature. I think the world would be a much better place if people said what they think. Also I didn’t mean “Fuck you” as in you specifically, I was using it in a hypothetical situation.

Nope, it was said he swears in his thread title and post, and I just pointed out he did not swear in his post. (but he did in his thread title) Although apparently “WTF” was originally spelled out but was edited before I saw it so the whole agrument is moot anyway.

This thread has already been done and I made my opinion on swear words pretty clear there. I’ll summerize for the rest of the group:

There is nothing wrong with swearing. The idea that some words are “bad” and others are “good” even if they have the same meaning is archiac that type of thinking belongs among flat earthers, not educated people. That being said I do understand that is offends some people so I try not to use those words in mixed company even if I think it’s silly. It’s simply the evolution of the language and I’ll be very happy when children aren’t raised to be afraid of certain words. The entire problem of swearing ONLY exists because some people say it’s a problem. It’s an invented ailment.

Don’t want to go blind? Don’t stare at the sun. Don’t want children to say “bad” words? Don’t define any words as “bad.”

Yes, I realize that you didn’t mean me specifically and take no offense. I’ve met alot of young riders that I wouldn’t want reading that on this forum just because you’re writing what you’re thinking or because you’re writing before you’re thinking.

If they aren’t put off by the thread title I’m assuming they have heard those words before.

One using proper language for the audience is not censoring. The audience here is not you and a few of your closest buddies, but it’s an international community of unicyclists of all ages, cultures, etc.

Censorship would be if this kind of language were to continue and I had to play the parent role and clean it up… we don’t want that and it’d go against my ideals. So please think of who is going to read your post before you post and then after knowing your audience express yourself in the best way that you can for that audience.