LX handle

I was gliding down my driveway and fell (of course) and my unicycle (torker lx) flew and the handle hit the ground and snaped right off. I thought they were made to last! Any one else have a similar problem?

You’d think seat parts would be made a little stronger, but they are subject to a lot of stress. As shadowuni says, “Everything should be made of strongerthansteelium.” I just broke the back bumper on my KH saddle (I had this clever idea that I could push the seat out in back so that it drops right into seat drag. I could, but when I did it about the fifth time, I heard a crack as the bumper hit the cement. I’m trying Krazy Glue as a temporary fix until I can figure out where to get a new one.), and unicycle.com doesn’t sell replacements, so it’s a really big problem. You can order new LX handles from unicycle.com, though.

Torker LX handles are not made to last. Here’s one way to make it stonger:
Though, it’s not much help since your is already broken.

The other easy fix is to get a a Kinport handle. These are made of very stong plastics and they last much longer then the stock LX handles.

Unfortunately that fix does not work on the Torker LX handles; their plastic is too brittle. Tried it; didn’t work. It just splits. In that sense the newer, softer Miyata handles were far better because although they tore, the fix worked well and they were not brittle upon impact. So the Torker handle is a step backwards from the much-maligned newer Miyatas.

The Kinports are the way to go.

Yeah, the lx saddles are very very weak, get the newer torker saddle the dx, or a K.h.