LX,DX, or DX?

I an’t decide whether I should get the Torker 20’’ LX, 20’’ DX, or 24’’ DX. I had a friend that used to have a few unicycles and he tought me to ride. I could ride as far as I wanted in a straght line, could turn OK, but couldn’t free mount or ride up hills. If I knew the LX would hold up, I’d be all over it. 24’’ is mpre appealing to me because the 20’’ I rode was really slow, and it would take on bumps better, but wouldn’t it be harder to ascend/descend hills and stuff? The plethora of BMX tire choices for th 20’’ is apealing too. Help me decide! (please)

Re: LX,DX, or DX?

If you want to hope around and jump off tables go 20inch. Tires aren’t really that much of an issue either way.

The 24inch will be much faster and will be more practical than a 20 inch if you actually want to get somewhere.

DX if you can afford it, definitly.

20" for more manauverability, hopping, tricks/street tricks, that stuff. 24" goes faster, gets you places faster with less pedaling, takes hills and bumps better etc.

Actaully, I can’t notice much difference in speed with 20" vs 24." Maybe a little bit, but nothing to write home about.

thanks guys

Both the DX uni’s will be heavy, which means not ideal for trial type stuff, which would be the only reason to get the 20" wheel. The DX24 is a great unicycle, and will accomodate the 3" downhill tires so you can either keep it stock and cruise or opt for the Muni setup by simply adding a 23 dollar tire from UDC. The weight is much less of an issue when you’re doing Muni riding, as opposed to trials stuff. I think the 24 is most practical, all my friends who originally purchased 20’s were left behind when we started going on actual rides. Wheel size makes a significant difference when it comes to going places.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that you probably don’t want any part of the LX. Its a good starter cycle to get you up and learning, but at your point, it sounds like the basics are behind you and you’ll be advancing quickly, especially once you own your own uni. Good luck, and welcome.


I forgot to mention that when I got decent at my friends uni I tried riding off a table, and let’s just say I didn’t end up feelin’ too well down under. And just having the color choices on 20’’ is cool, but isn’t a deciding factor. I’m also open to any other suggestions, under 250$.