LX Crank Strength?

I’m thinking about sticking some Torker LX cranks on a square-taper-hub muni that’s hanging in my garage so my 12 year old (100 lbs) can start taking it on relatively easy muni rides. He’s not going to be doing drops much bigger than a foot or so, and little to no hopping/trialsy stuff on this muni. I have no experience with these cranks, and wondered if anyone who does can speak to their suitability. They’re cheap–I can get 'em for about $15–and come in a size I’m looking for (150s for a 26" wheel–the 170s I have are too long for his tastes, my son says). Will these hold up?

The LX cranks are strong. Me, my friend Donnie, Zach, and Mike, have all used LX cranks to jump off picnic tables and even some higher drops, and they are fine.

Repeadetly, and they get bent, but it still takes a while.

So that’s 4 sets of LX cranks that have been tested with rough trials/street riding. Nothing extremely big but things ranging from 1inch to 5 feet.

My LX cranks are still going even after taking alot of beatings. Sometimes I keep thinking they’re indestructible. That’s how good they are. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! It’s funny–after I posted this initially, I saw your vid, Jerrick, and was impressed by the beatings being taken by your riding buddies’ LX unis. I figured even if nobody responded to this thread, I’d pick the cranks up anyway!

yeah buy them. Cotterless cranks are quite strong, I ride them for trials and they are just slightly bent after two years of drops etc. With Muni there is alot less stress on the cranks because there is less big drops and more sitting in the saddle.

I bet my lx cranks way bad when I rode my lx. I had the 150’s. But I was doing a lot of drops up to 4 1/2 feet. And I wasn’t rolling out much. But for muni I think they will work fine because the cranks are stronger than most cotterless cranks I think.

they’re strong except i bent my axle 180ing down only 3 stairs. and ruined my thead where the pedal is joined on. but other then that, i dont have a single bend in mine.

You may also want to look into nimbus X cranks, they are also cheap and strong.

The LX cranks are quite strong. If you want a small Q factor and a strong crank, I would get them. If you want a larger Q factor and a lighter crankset, I would get the ProWheel Alloy Crankarms. They are only $22. I have them on my MUni and love them. I havn’t heard anything about them, so I am not sure on their strength, but for the weight, cost, and design…they seem to be a good deal.

ya I’ve abused the heck out of these cranks and there still holding up quite nicely!(even though I only weigh 115 pounds!)