LX 20 or Nimbus II freestyle??? which is better?

ill delete this thread once i get answer, what should i get the LX 20’ or the Nimbus II freestyle? Its my first uni, i wanna follow into freestyle or muni once i learn how to ride. BUT im sorta on a budget…like, i have the $$$ for both but i dont wanna spend ALL of it, if both of these will be good for learning and are about the same ill go with the LX 20’. But if the Nimus will take me a long way into beginning muni and freestyle, i wanna go with that


if you searched you would find out that the LX is better and cheaper.

I disagree, Nimbus II is better imho. I own an LX, and have rode the nimbus many times. The wheel set on the nimbus II seems much better to me, and the LX is not that great!


stupid… ive had both and the nimbus 2 ownes the torker

You can only delete a thread less than 10 minutes after posting it. :frowning:

well, i just got my nimbus II in the mail, and its now put together and ready to ride once the heat dies down a bit. It is a huge improvement over my ‘gravity 24’ uni. This thing is way light compared to it. The wheel size is 2.5, which is .75 larger than what my other one has. This wheel feels like it will grip on ice. I will let you know just how well it rides here in a couple of hours.

Nimbus II is of a far higher quality, just a case of whether you want to spend the $$$ or not.

Yes, very stupid.
Indeed, Nimbus II pwns.