luxury saddle vs. kris holm fusion street

which should i get for my nimbus trials?
and are k1 post 25.4?

I’ve never tried the Luxury saddle and I ride a Kh fusion street with carbon fiber base but the nimbus gel that comes with the uni is a fine saddle and I wouldn’t know why you’d want to replace it if it wasn’t broke. The Luxury saddle also seems really expensive for just a seat.

K1 Frames are 27.2 and I’m not sure if they make posts in different sizes but the saddles don’t come with a post. You just attach the seat to your existing 4 bolt style post.

I really really like my carbon luxury seat. I tried to make the cover fusion though, and my grommets died, so now I am using the luxury foam with a kh cover on a carbon base with sif grips. It is a really nice setup imo.

Id say as of right now the KH street is the better option. It has a removable cover and that comes in quite handy, when replacing just the cover, or if have or plan to have a carbon fiber base.

Not that I would be speending the cost of a luxury saddle just for the foam, but I am curious how the KH cover fits on this foam. Is it nice and snug?