Luxembourg fun edit

My (best) friends and me went to unicycle in luxembourg for a couple of days… it was awesome, unicycling,beer,fun,… and the last day we filmed some stuf, so here is the vid :slight_smile:

the riding and editing are not very good :stuck_out_tongue: but I hope you like it :smiley:
ps: there is a nice trick somewhere at the end xD

The no handed 360 was so sick!

Riding was pretty good! the (almost) 360 over the guy laying on the bench was cool! and the flip up that ledge

Thx :slight_smile: and yeah I know it wasn’t a full 360… Idk, but I just didn’t managed to do it clean…

No handed 360 is just awesome xD

Great video, I really enjoyed it.

nice guys, crazy no handed 360… i liked the full out flip down the 2 also :slight_smile: looked cool

The no handed 3spin was awesome! :slight_smile:
Cool guys, I really liked it.

You guys are so talanted, and fun! I like Arnes trialstyle, It could not be cleaner, and you are just awesome as an all round rider Tim! :open_mouth:

Het blijven ‘gekke mannekes’ die Belgen!:smiley:
Cool that you showed every level…
Impressive original Handless360º…
Gaaaaat zo door, en uiteraard: Blijf dit filmen!

no hand 360 was great!!!rest too!

Yeah Arne’s trial style is the best :slight_smile:
A shame that a lot of people don’t know him… because I think he is also one of Europeans best trial riders(at least top 10)… :roll_eyes:

and thx everybody

awesome video! :smiley:

“…I didn’t like the lines, because I saw a lot of thinks that you could do instead (to make it harder and I think more at your level)…”

^^ haha,you got me on that one xD
but this was a fun vid, no sponsorship request vid… and we could do al the lines pretty easy…
Arne and me wanted to make a (good) vid this month, but the weather sucks!!!

and hey, I think that comment was more possitive than negative =)

Ps: If you want to see a relatif good trial vid from me, click on the thing below me (unused clips), I can’t do much better, I can just make nicer lines… =D

OKOK. XD I know. my answer was pleasantry :smiley: