Lutz in the news

Luts has an article in the Dailymail

Some rather lame comments by readers :roll_eyes: but what do you expect from dailyMail readers (They think everything causes cancer, and hate imigrants in general :stuck_out_tongue: )

Sorry if this has already been posted I had a look :wink:

Good article. Shame about the readers. But then, what do you expect from the Daily Mail?

I’ve bought the Daily Mail just once, just for the free CD of “Tubular Bells”. I went out of the shop, immediately threw the paper away, put the CD in my car CD player and drove off. Had to wash my hands when I got home!


Good article - agree about the paper and its readership.

Didn’t Stephen Fry once hand out huge “Hated By the Daily Mail” badges on QI, for them to wear with pride? :smiley:

EDIT: Found the badge

Ok so what is up with the daily mail people? i am not from uk

The Daily Mail is a pseudo broadsheet (in tabloid form factor) that frequently make racist remarks and rash claims - mostly claiming that everyday items cause cancer. Bigoted, xenophobic idiots are The Daily Mail’s primary audience as only ignoramuses read The Daily Mail.

You forgot the “Won’t someone think of the children” position they always take.

oh and lmfao :stuck_out_tongue:

This one guy had a cool comment.

“I suppose in a way this could come in wheelie wheelie handy!!!”

Ahh so its like every mag in the states

Above the video:“One wheel better than two?”. I don’t like that. It’s just asking for an argument. Some people are gonna see that as:
“Unicyclists are better than bikers”
“My sport is better than yours”
“I’m better than you”

Today I read a local newspaper at a country inn, and it had a short one-column article on Lutz and his downhill riding in the dolomites.
The article was alright, but above the headline it was categorised as “children”. :thinking:

thanks for pointing out the article! I searched and found out that quite a few news pages wrote similar articles:

The Local called me a week ago and it seems that the others new sites copied there article.

The article was written for the kids section of the dpa.