Lutterworth Santa Fun Run 2010!

I took part in my town’s annual Santa Fun Run on my 12" Bunnycycle today… Got loads of great reactions (and a few “circus” and “other wheel” comments) and made a load of money for charity.

There aren’t any tricks or anything really interesting in the vid as it was dangerous enough riding in these conditions! I actually made it mainly to prove to the people that sponsored me that I actually did it, but maybe someone on here wants to see an idiot riding a 12" unicycle 3.5 miles in the snow while wearing a Santa costume!

nice shit there! 12inch is cool. how long are these cranks? what a sexy solo in that otherwise creepy song.

Great choice your 12"!!! It seems you had a good time, XD.

Thanks guys! Yes, I do agree that the song is quite creepy. It’s an old song that’s quite popular over here, I guess most people don’t see the creepy side of it.

The Bunnycycle is an excellent 12 incher, it’s very tough (made by Impact as far as I know) and a lot of fun to ride, even if it kills your knees after a while.

Oh, and the cranks are ~100mm.

Well done!!

That must have felt a long way on such a small wheel.

I wish could of done it now, I just didn’t realise there was a santa fun run there. Maybe I could do it next year…Not sure a 29er or 36er would be suitable though :roll_eyes: