I have finaly finished my first video! The riders are 50 Percent on the penny-farthing, Me and Ian aka Millerir.
Tell me what you think and please include ideas on anything I should do differently next time. Most of the stuff on there I learned in the past 4 weeks. Enjoy!

Pretty nice if you’ve bin riding for 4 weeks.
But whats that adobe thing doing in the movie? :thinking:

I am using a trial version of Adobe Premere Elements until I get the full version so the Adobe logo apears in the corner all the time. But, I guess that’s not as bad as having most of the features disabled so all you have left is a primitive version that you can’t do anything with.

I’ve been riding for more than 4 weeks, but I got my torker DX that long ago. Before, I had an old 24 inch with cottered cranks and a brick seat so I couldn’t learn anything on it but how to go forwards!

Here’s annother I put together last night:

C’mon guys! More coments!

Great vid! I wanna try that penny-farthing :astonished: . trials in the snow seems like a good idea…I’m gunna try that this year!:smiley:

The cardboard part was interesting. I think if you learn sif you will become a better hopper very quickly.

All the editing you did for this video could have been done with Windows Movie Maker. Then you wouldn’t have the Adobe icon.

you wanna try the penny farthing all right :wink: we were riding on ice yesterday and got some fottage of some pretty hard falls.
yea im working on that sif thing im not a really good hopper just that in that one of me trying that gap. my foot slipped of the peadles. and as for windows movie maker, that program is junk.:smiley:

The lUNIticks movie was taken with a dvd camcorder. when you import the dvd into windows movie maker, it mushes all the clips into one looooong video. since it doesn’t enable cutting at individual frames, I abandonned using it because it would be extremely hard to get a clean cut without extra frames from a botched clip. I think my dad’s gonna buy the adobe program, so I’ll re-post the videos if that happens.

You can splice clips up with windows movie maker, to the exact second, and even smaller increments. =p

I just went to windows movie maker 2 and its even better.

Great video!