Lunch Ride

Regardless of the fact that I had a close call, I still ride to work. However, I still find that I don’t get enough riding in. I started riding over my lunch break. The ride took awhile to figure out the best routes to get the most diverse types of riding possible in such a short period of time.

I have an aerial photo here:

The ride starts at work (A), typically around 12:30. ROughly the time I need out everyday so I don’t go postal. I roll out to (B) and hop on the railroad tracks which are no longer in service. I follow the tracks all the way to ©. That © is a beer distributor, I use all my self control and turn away from the beer distributor. I cross the road to Subway (D). I get a sandwich, stuff it in my jacket and leave.

Now on the way back I follow the route southwest until I reach the entrance of the bike/jogging trail (1). I follow that trail because its fairly isolated by a little bit of woods and there’s very few people. At the rail bridge (2) I stop to eat that sandwich. Then I follow the trail which at this point is no longer a beaten dirt path, it’s paved. I turn off the trail back on to the road at the elderly care center (3) and follow the road back to work.

It’s a good workout, but not too rough for the middle of the work day. If any of you guys here live in southwestern Pennsyvania, try riding this trail. It’s cool if you’re not looking for anything too extreme.

That sounds really fun, what kind of uni are you using?

I’m riding a 26 inch track monster. That red and black K1 seat is sooo comfortable I can ride for hours.

Ooooh you have a k1 red/black saddle?
I was thinking of getting one for trials and street… do you think its worth getting?

Do you know how long that ride is?

Also: is there really a Bodhisattva, Pennsylvania? And are there any actual bodhisattvas in Bodhisattva?

I know I could “google it” but it’s more satisfying to ask and I might learn something google doesn’t know

I’ll answer the Bodhissattva question first. No, ther eis no Bodhisattva Pennsylvania. That is an inside joke that goes way back to high school. Actually, the guy who said I should try riding a unicycle in the first place was the guy who made the joke.

Second, I don’t really know what to say about the K1 saddle for street riding. I don’t do tricks, so I can’t really say how well the saddle would work. I can tell you is that I like it much better than any torker, sun or bell saddles I have ever had. I think it is around $40 if you go to renegdae juggling. ( ). They’re good guys and can answer any questions you might have about which saddle to get. You might want to ask someone there because k1 makes about a half dozen different saddles.

I ordered it yesterday :slight_smile: , it’s fine if it’s not perfect for street and stuff, as long as its comfortable to sit on and slim for SIF :smiley:

And thanks for the help