Luna or Maxxis

I have both a maxxis CC and a luna I was wonderin if I should stick with the maxxis I have on now, or put the luna on :thinking:

Which one do you like better?

I like my CC, but its all up to you

about the same I guess my luna bounces better, but I thought of changing it because my maxxis is starting to crack really bad, so should I just wait till it blows or switch the tires

Echo. Cheap, Works.

Trials tires are all about what you enjoy, there is no such thing as the perfect one. Everyone has their own preference. I personaly love the way the Luna acts under low pressure, but I hate how its not very grippy. I choose the luna over the CC though just because its what I have now and its what I’m used to.

what the HECK are you talking about??

isn’t the monty eagle claw a total beast that bests all other trials tires EVER?
if you know how to get one PM me!

Echo is a Trials Bike company.

its up to you. presonally i ride a luna and i really like it. my friend has a CC and i dont like how it rides at all. thats just my .02

lunas last longer right??
i think im going to get one …

I think my friend has a luna. If that’s what comes on a summit. But I have the CC and I like better than his tire. But it may just be that I like my new kh instead of his summit. :thinking:

Summits come with a CC.

Kh comes with a CC.

His is probably older and more worn.

I ride a CC, has great grip, people says it wears fast, I guess its true, but ive been running mine for about 10 months now. Still works as good as the day I bought it.

Nah, they came with a luna.

Really? Hmm, my friends Summit came with a CC, I guess whoever had it last switched it over form the Luna then.

My mistake.

i like my luna, CC is good too.

I think the Creepy Crawler is a good tire, I would like it more if I had a wider rim… but it’s very hard to find a 48h rim that is wider than a DX32.

I have a CC it wears down REALLY easily :astonished:

Never tried luna, so I cant say go for that.

Having ridden both id say that my preference is for the Luna…Ive noticed that the Luna seems to have thicker sidewals and that it seems to wear alot slower than the Maxxis for urban riding. That being said, you cant beat the Maxxis when it comes to natural Trials in the woods, the tackier compound of the Maxxis gives it a bit of a better grip on things like logs and mossy rocks.

So i guess it really depends on where you ride and what style you ride…

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I like my maxxis for trials and the luna for street. I like cody’s tryall sticky the most though.

It’s looking like the Luna isn’t as grippy (really) and the CC wears down fast. I know from experience that the Luna is quite solid and hard whereas the CC is fairly soft.

From here it’s down to what-you-use-it-for. I think from now you’ve got to just disregard what other people like and make up you own mind.

If you’re going to do lots of natural trials riding that need very grippy tyres: Go for the CC.
If you’re going to do lots of urban street riding that just needs tough tyres that dont need to be grippy as much: [B]Go the the Luna.

[/B]Someone please feel free to call BS on me though. Isn’t there a HUGE thread “Maxis Vs. Luna” somewhere with Ryan Atkins’ views? He knows Hugely more than me so find that!