Lumpy seat

>>Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions if you are having problems with
>>something. Somebody here will be happy to give you a silly answer.

>OK, here’s one. I felt a bump under the seat cover, pulled it back and a little
>hunk of metal fell out. It’s a pencil-width rod of steel, about an inch and a
>half long, with one end a bit narrower and threaded. I can find no place that
>this might have originally been attached. Could this have simply been
>accidentally stuck in there, or does it sound like an actual part? (It’s a
>Semcycle XL, FWIW.) No doubt it is the piece that enables the rider to
>effortlessly ride backwards down stairs and such, right?

    Paul <psoft!>

If that seat is a plastic one with plastic bumpers on the ends, I have one; but
I just looked and I can’t find it! I think I have too much unicycle stuff. Maybe
I should invite all of you over and have a sale . . . .

Anyway, I think you have dislodged the part that keeps the unicycle right side
up when it wants to be laying on it’s side all the time.

Otherwise, it may be one of the bolts that holds the bumpers on. If not, maybe
someone at the factory wanted to play the “Princess an the Pea” test on you?

>P.S. Play-it-Again sports. Lacrosse balls are $3 each, available in season. =)


John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone