Luke Collalto joins KH Factory Team

luke congratz
sooo… does that mean you will be making alot more videos?

yo kris, if i move to aubi duabi will you sponcer meeeeee ’

haha just kidding, concrats luke

Yea Luke!
You deserve it!

Damn, I was going to say that haha, good job Luke (and Kris)!

good work luke, i knew you’d get sponsored by somebody eventually.

Hi 5 !!

i like it how luke is insanely good at street, yet he has trouble walking through doors!

Big ups, nice work Luke.
You earned it, yer riding has been very inspiring man.

Awesome, good job man…Lucky Bum

i surely wouldn’t sponser him for extreme door walk though-ing.

it’s funny cos he looks really scarred to take the money. and the door part too.

Someone always links that in a thread thats about Luke.:slight_smile:

Congrats dude, you realy deserve it. :sunglasses:

Peter M

Hmm well I guess you just can’t be good at everything…

Is Luke the youngest on the KH team?

He might be. Both he and Cecilia are 15, so you’d have to check their birthdays.


cawww! team members and they don’t even no each others birthdays shocking lol jokes xx

great job LUke. You’re my favorite rider.:slight_smile:

that’s awesome man.
luke has always had some of my favorite vids.
smooth as butter.
congrats all the way around.


awesome, you deserve it,
actually you should have been sponsored a long time ago:P

Haha, I see I’m stuck with this forever. I love it. Apart from the fact I sound/look really strange.

My birthday’s the 24th of October, If anyone knows Cecilia’s.

hey congrats. if anyone desevers it its you

what were you talking about?

Well deserved, look forward to seeing more vids