Luke Collalto joins KH Factory Team


Just wanted to announce that Luke Collalto has joined the KH Factory Team for 2007.

I’ve been wanting to support an Aussie rider for a while, and Luke is definately at the top of the list so it’s really cool to have him on the team. Normally I don’t add team riders mid-way through the year, but he’s so good that I had to make an exception.

Welcome Luke!


Awesome, congratulations Luke!

Congrats Luke

Wow thats awesome, good job Luke.

Dang, that’s awesome man. Congrats.

Welcome to the team man! Can’t wait to hopefully get to ride with you sometime in the future. You’re going to take street to some new levels. Good to have some support behind you I’m sure.

Kevin McMullin

Congrats…but what does it actually mean? Discounts? Do you get paid as a rider?

It means that KH now sponsors Luke… You can find out what that means here Sponsor - Wikipedia

Big congratulations Luke. You deserve it! Just remember to keep it real and don’t let your head get too big.
I suggest you come ride in NZ later this year!

That’s great! I’ve seen his videos and he really deserves it! :smiley:

YES! Great Job! You totally deserved it. You are one of the best street riders.

congratulations, man!!

I must say great job man! The sport of uni is being bigger and the tricks are always coming in new everyday it is amazing… Do all of us unicyclist proud man =p.

Congratulations Luke! The KH team seems to gather more and more of my favourite riders.

Oh, wow! That was unexpected…

Thanks for the congratulations everyone!

I’m going to be riding alot harder from now on.

That sounds dangerous to the rest of us. We had better start riding 30-40 hours a week!

call me un-informed but who all make up the kh team?

so far i know of
shaun johanneson
luke collalto
ryan atkins

who else is on the team?

haha, you first :wink:

btw well done Luke

Here is the lit of the members of the 2007 KH team :

Luke, thats great, you really deserve it. awesome to hear. you’re my favourite rider man.