Luke Collalto Fifth Backflip!


Whoa, cool !

Good to see he is still riding too :slight_smile:

I hope he makes a new vid soon :slight_smile:


Awh. that was so perfect. :astonished:


fake :roll_eyes:

That was terribly unimpressive.
Someone will take me seriously.

+1 Pele.
Luke sucks… like hardcore.

The space below the first sentence gave it away :roll_eyes:
But this fifth backflip was clean!


awesome :roll_eyes:

Looks cool but is not new. Something like one year ago Luke had a video of a fifth backflip on his youtube account also but deleted it after a few days.

If I’m not wrong, a really skecthy a Fakie Fifth FLip

Nope, it was most definitely a fifthback.

I wouldn’t say this one was ENTIRELY clean. Just because you don’t hop doesn’t mean it’s not sketchy.

would you call your in-in fifthside ENTIRELY clean? just wondering.

awesome vid Luke. I wonder when it was filmed.

Haha I watched this yesterday. Everytime I see a vid its put up the next day.

But it is pretty cool.

It is unfair that you ask about something I did, since I don’t like to brag that way and I don’t like to talk bad about my riding either :stuck_out_tongue:

But I may as well answer. I think my in-in fifthside was close to entirely clean. It was cleaner than this. Still, could have been cleaner.

it was pretty clean for a trick like this that has only been landed once before. and to seat in which was cool. i dont see why people really care how clean something is as long as it looks cool. :smiley: and this deffinatley does.

This would be the second one. He has landed it before.

yeah i said once before as in before this :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha sorry, I missed that.