luggage weight correction

I previously posted that for our flight from Oregon to Japan for Unicon, we
had a 70 lb per suitcase maximum for Northwest Airline, but Alaska/Horizon
Air (which we are taking from Eugene to Portland) had a 50 lb per suitcase
limit. I found out last night that the 50 lb limit is only for trips
within the U.S. When the ultimate destination is Japan, Alaska/Horizon has
the same maximum as the international airline.
I just wanted to clarify this, in case someone else was in the same
situation as us and was misled by what I posted and what seems to be on
Alaska/Horizon’s web page.


Thanks Jody! We called United today and found out the same. This might not be true for all airlines/flights, so check for yourself. The overweight or oversize charges can be steep!

For united it’s $25 for overweight, but $80 for oversize…

See y’all in Japan! If I have time, I still want to post my NAUCC photos and videos tonight or tomorrow.