Ludvig Norins first flat vid

Hey this is a vid of my 10 year old friend,Ludvig Norin, hope you like it!

That kid is awesome. Can’t wait to see where he gets in a few years.

That’s rediculous.

Yeah, that’s so awesome for 10. Especially the varial roll.

really cool guy and only ten years :astonished:
btw i like his name is very similar to mine Ludwig;)

wow! I can’t believe he pulled off that varial roll! He’s awesome!

Varial roll at 10! That’s crazy. Good vid! How long has he been riding?

Props to you Mate…

Awesome man :smiley:

I’m not sure but I think that Lorenz Poham is around 10 too!

anyway, you’re awesome man!

lorenz is about 11 or 12 i think

11 :roll_eyes:

respect! cool vid!!! :slight_smile:

Is that just few of so young guys do such things.'Cause usually,for what I’ve seen, the practicing-training mind,wich you need for uni,is absent in them.

In few years he’ll become a master.Keep it up

It’s funny how a kid who is 10 years old can be more or less at my level of rolly flat :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing for that age.

Ignoring all the pre and post hops, that kid’s got style.

Crazy kids and their flatland. Awesome