LUC's first parade

Hey everyone, the London Unicycling Club just participated in our first parade, and it was great!

At first I was a bit skeptical with under 10 riders (and no banner) how we were gonna look. We all had our LUC jersey’s on, so that was good. Luckily enough, they didn’t plan for us to be in a float’s position, they were planning on us just riding around, so it worked out great.

The good folk at Bedford Unicycles lent us his 6 foot uni, we had a Coker with 170mm cranks, and then the rest of us on ‘normal’ unicycles.

We were paid $150 and I will be picking up a club ultimate wheel from Darren when I drop off his tall uni (with some pocket change of my own thrown in…I really spoil those guys)

It was a lot better to be ‘roamers’ in the parade, as we were able to check out the whole parade and come and go as we pleased. Not to mention filling in the gaps when floats got away from each other) The Coker was able to get up speed, and I picked a fantastic day to perfect (‘perfect’) my wheel walking.

Today I was able to go 3 times further than my previous record (almost everytime I tried), almost to the point where I had to get back onto the pedals because I wanted to do somethign else, instead of the WW to UPD transition I have grown so accustomed to, so that worked out great.

Highlight of my ride?

I was riding seat out in front for about a minute, put the seat back in, immediately went into one foot riding then into wheelwalking (very impressive looking, that transition) then I wheelwalked for about 100 meters. When I tried to transition back to pedals to see how many tricks I could tie together, I UPD’d. A small girl in the crowd says ‘You should practice more’
I kickup mounted and rode off saying, ‘I suppose you’re right’

And, I would like to welcome the newest London Unicyclist with his parade induction…UNI_GUY. This rookie has about 25 wheels to true. :wink:

It was a fantastic day for a parade, although a little hot…I was dripping in sweat for the majority of the ride. I sure wish it rained on my parade.

Nice to know that our already tall giraffe rider topped the stilt walker by an inch or two :slight_smile:

I recommend to every one to contact your local parade organizer and see if you can ride in it. It’s such a great feeling being cheered by everyone as you are jsut doing your normal riding. Funny how if you are showing off in a parade, no one yells at you to go join the circus.

Caution…people in polished classic cars get mad if you one foot ride in between their formation!