LUC's biggest MUni ride

Well, our club’s first MUni ride had 2 people (me and Drewnicycle)

The one year aniversary ride had 7! For those who haven’t gone to an official MUni weekend, or some such thing, 7 people all coming out for a MUni ride is pretty large.

Although mose photos came out crappy, check this almost ice gap out…wet seat, dry feet…

I said ‘almost’

it certainly isn’t ‘almost’



Looks like something fun to try.


Re: LUC’s biggest MUni ride

Have you ever been to any other MUni Weekends?

You’re doing better than me, Sofa. The largest group i have ever ridden with was 2. Anyway, it looks like it must have been a fun ride. I haven’t ridden in snow yet, but i hear good things about it. :slight_smile:

I have yet to make one of those weekends.

I did make it to the first annual TOque games in Toronto, though.

After my college is done (year 1.5 / 3 so far) I’ll hittin those weekends left and right!

With the conditions right, riding in the snow is great. If it is too deep, you fall over all the time, especially if you are
Carl Hoyer

I hate it when this happens. Especially if you get snow inside your clothes or shoes. Eeew.