Lucky People!

I was out riding along the seafront today when a lad shouted over ‘that’s cool! Can I have a go?’ I jumped straight off and held it out to him but he hadn’t ridden before, so I helped him up onto it and gave him a few pointers. Unfortunately he didn’t even get one revolution of the pedals, but at least he tried :slight_smile:
While I was giving him a mini lesson, his missus started panicking and said she had lost the return train tickets home :astonished: There wasn’t much I could do to help them, so I ended up saying my goodbyes and went on my way…
About a mile or so down the seafront I happened to see some train tickets (three of them together) right in the middle of the path! Not really knowing if they actually were their tickets I set off as fast as I could, back the mile or so the other way. I found them looking a bit lost and worried, but when they saw the tickets their faces lit up! Pure, genuine happiness :slight_smile:
I’m just glad for them that they were their tickets. Very lucky people :smiley:

They were very lucky to have met you. It is always nice to help. It is great to be able to see there reaction.

Lovely. I hope it made your day as well - one of the best feelings is helping other people.

Yes, it did :slight_smile:

I find I’m always happiest when I’m helping others around me to be happy too.