LUC - Custom BMX style Jersey

Well, this is the idea so far for our Club’s Jersey. (Those are canadian flags on the sleeves…they won’t be mis-shapen on the actual one)

Same Image on Front and Back

This is a Sugoi Jersey

A few people mentioned interest in getting one, Please respond to this post to let me know if you are interested in getting one.

They will be $60 (give or take a few $…I’ll know when the order is finalized) Canadian dollars.

If you’ve never ridden with a jersey on (instead of a T-shirt)you’re missing out! (it’s sooooo cool and refreshing compared to cotton)

I will need the $ up front (but not now…this is only for an idea of interested people)

Here she is…

That looks great Brian, what will be on the back? will you be having some t-shirts as well (with the liscence plate and the street sign?) well, that’s about it.


Same image on Front and Back, and I’ll know about the T-shirt tomorrow. (club majority) So far I like the street sign/lisence plates the best. I think I’ll choose another design though, so I don’t need to give Chex a free one :wink: Maybe a 2 in the leaf instead

I’ll buy one!


(I posted from the newsgroup but dont trust it, so I reposted)

Re: LUC - Custom BMX style Jersey

I’d buy one!


Yup count me in, I’ll buy one… would you happen to be able to do any up in women’s sizing?

E-mail me off list at:
if you want to discuss it more or tell me who to send the money to.

It is definitely excellent to use cycling jerseys or some other such quick dry top. I find uni commuting causes me to heat up, sort of like when going for a run, and cotton just quickly turns into this damp, clammy thing that refuses to dry before I change back into it for the ride home. Polyester, stinky though it may be, beats cotton all to heck when it coming to uni’ing garb.

I have a week’s worth of tops that I use to uni to work and a couple extra for the club weekend rides. That’s the mininum for a uni-every-day type of lifestyle.


Hey everyone, we should have the minimum order of 12 in by tonight!

Here are the sizes, let me know what you’ll be needing (I’ll send an email out to everyone, don’t worry about that here)



XS 26-28" 34-36" 30"

S 28-30" 36-38" 30.5"

M 31-33" 38-40" 31"

L 34-35" 40-42" 32"

XL 36-37" 42-44" 33"

2XL 38-40" 44-46" 33.5"

3XL 40-42" 46-48" 34"

4XL 42-44" 48-50" 35"



XS 24-26" 30B-32A 34-36" 28"

S 26-28" 32B-34A 36-38" 28.5"

M 28-30" 34A-34C 38-40" 29"

L 30-32" 34C-36B 40-42" 30"

XL 32-34" 36C-38B 42-44" 30.5"

XS 34-36" 38C-40B 44-46" 31"


OK, the good news is, we have 12 people wanting jerseys, so it’s definetly a go :slight_smile:

Bad news (that isn’t even bad) bad weather kept alot of people from the club meet tonight, so I’m holding off until our meet on the 31st of Jan, in case more members want them. And judging by the response (90% of members who were there wanted one) there will be more.

Thanks for anyone interseted, and if you want one and haven’t mentioned it, you have another week.


I definetly want one a larrge please:D