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Now that I think about it . . . . I will never make it . . . .

Lock tight. Taste.
Yes. That’s right. The taste of loctite. Today, I was celebrating successes with regard to my current achievements to “takeovertheworld” and I got drunk. Doesn’t happen often since I moved to Texas, but today was a good day for it.

Realizing that I had not washed my gear for tomorrow (a trailfest is allegedly at Zilker Park . … . .early). I handwashed it in the sink. Drunk.

Next, I realized that my crank was not tight and that the Locktight needed time to cure as well as the fact that the gear needs time to dry. With that thought, I apply Locktight.

It has been applied before.
I am “big” so as I ride (“not far”) the Locktight becomes Locklose.

I must continually (about every 3 rides or so) Locktight the screws that retain my Profile Crankset, “} else {” (for you C - .php programmers) lose the screw to the trail.

Then it happens. I unscrew the screw and get screwed. “It’s the smell” (for you “Matrix” 1 fans). The smell is powerfully sweet.

What is “too sweet?” (for you sweet toothes)
“Ood na see um’” (for you Latin fans) (sweet to the point of sickness).

Locktight become brittle with enough stress (making this thread worthy of “rec.” It becomes like dust. When “one” unscrews the screw there is “nothing but dust.” Thus, I did.

I decided to BLOW the Locktight residue out.

SOME OF IT BLEW UP MY NOSE. IT WAS THEN THAT I DETECTED THAT IT SMELLED sweet. So, as a scientist I did the most logical thing . . .

I tasted it.
(There you have it.)

Locktight is “SAN”
(Sweet “Odd Na See Um” - or sweet to the point of sickness.)

I could not believe it. . . .
So I tasted two more times.

It is.

That is the point of this thread. Congrats if you actually have the attention span to read this far . . .

My research shows that BLUE Locktight fails pretty quickly,
that it is extremely sweet,
it become brittle enough to blow,
and that it doesn’t seem to have an mind altering ability that can be detected aside significant amounts of rum . . .

. . . but it is “extremely sweet.”

Hmmmm… He could just be saying it is sweet when it is extremely bitter and poisonous, or he could be a drunk telling the truth… Either way the next time I have some loctite in front of me… Bottoms up.

I posted, read (and didn’t reply)
and then checked my email (why am I still up?)

And a reply?! At 1200AM (when I am feeling sorry for myself for not having a social life on a Saturday night prior to the festival that I will miss tomorrow because I will oversleep and have some urgent computer problems to attend to) . . . ?

For clarification, I am not advicating the use of any drug . . . especially those that taste like eating “Equal or 'NutraSweet” straight (unless you are trying to feel “different”).
With that in mind, I only licked a few drops . . . .

the side Effect: Your tongue may be locked to the roof of your mouth temporarily.

I’m curious, Drew. What the heck were you drinking that made tasting Loctite seem like an ok thing to do? :smiley:

You didn’t miss much as far as the festival is concerned. The greenbelt was closed so a few of us rode the hike-n-bike trail.
Two newbies including myself and krashin kenny. Would have been nice to meet you though.

Re: Ltt

Why nothing but the rum of course…

unidad: You didn’t miss much as far as the festival is concerned. The greenbelt was closed so a few of us rode the hike-n-bike trail.
Two newbies including myself and krashin kenny. Would have been nice to meet you though.

I was THERE!
I thought that I was too sick to ride, but I chose to go to the festival sans uni.
I expected more. A LOT more.

  1. There were fewer people than I imagined
  2. The obsticle course really wasn’t
  3. There didn’t seem to be a REAL trials course
  4. Races seemed to be held on the grassy field

WIth all that in mind, I WAS in condition to ride.
I saw Dan there, and a silver unicycle (700 ?) sans rider.

The good news is that while I was on the way to the festival, I stopped by a ski/bike shop and talked to a guy who claims he has a roomate who is ranked #2 in the U.S. for “mod trials.”

His current bike is dual 26" wheels with no seat. I am going to try riding with these guys - sounds like they are at the level I want to get to (for those of you that know, they ride the “tough side” of the Greenbelt - it’s the side where you doubt it’s a trail).

I will be coming to San Antonio soon. I met a journalist on the trail that is interested in off-road unicycling /rock climbing/ hanging out. I will try to make 2 trips there by year end. Please send some contact info so that I can catch up with you guys while I am down there. I would like to scedule at least on off-road and one urban ride. You can contact me from the page about me

That reminds me, I need to start another thread about Breckenridge . . .