Lowrider Unicycles

I’m sure everyone has some idea of what a lowrider car is like…

Hopefully… you’re familiar with lowrider Bicycles.

I think i would be intreated in buying a Lowrider Unicycle. Admit it. If you had a velvet saddle, gold spokes, gold rims, gold pedals, and a swanky frame… you’d like to show it off.

Anyone ever try out this idea?



if anyone has to tell you why… you don’t deserve to know.

I think I good design for a lowrider unicycle would be a semi-recumbent style with big high handlebars. I’d love one.


To be fair, the photo submitted in evidence does the defence no favours, Your Honour… but I have often thought that a ‘street rod’ unicycle would be fun. Mine would have a flared fender (like an Indian motorcycle) and a wheel turned from a solid block of aluminium. It would have whitewall low profile tyres, and a massive chromed headlight, faired in to the front of the seat.

Low rider:

(it’s hard to get real low on a unicycle and still be able to steer)

Street cruisin’ machine (scroll down to 4th image):

The Excessory Cycle has all the bells and whistles, and remains rideable (if I ever restore the parts and put it all back together).

other lowrider

Not as shiny as the one with the spare wheels, but still a much more impressive vehicle.

Drewnicycle was talking about making one a month or so ago. I don’t know how he’s coming along with it though.

that would be fun

i would love to ride one of the low rida’s it would be so much fun looking flashly.the bike’s/unicycle’s answer to bling!

I have a lowrider unicycle. I had it at a show in Michigan last week-end.

It has a 144 spoke wheel !

I will post pictures in the next couple days.

Stay tuned…


I was actually thinking of that at one point… the main thing I thought of that you could do to it would be to add those hub caps that keep on spinning after you stop. I’m not sure where you’d be able to find something like that or even if it would work though… I think you would have to pimp yourself up to really sell it… get the pimp helmet, pimp robe… cane… chain, oh, and the gold tooth… :smiley:

I hate the idea of a lowrider Unicycle, but having fake spinning hub on a unicycle would be absolutely awesome. --chirokid–

i would pay good money for the spinning hubs!

i dont think it would work though :frowning:

I think a “spinning hub cap” unicycle would be very easy to make. If I only had the time.
Very Cool Ride it would be… --chirokid–

Yes Darren do post some pics of your low rider

on a low rider that extra wheel is just for show, right?
othewise you’d want it to have a freewheel on it so you could use it for the back wheel, or it would just plain suck and not realy add any cool to the otherwise pimp look to the lowrider,
after all if you pop the front tyre you just ride home on the rear wheel don’t you?

it should be beautiful AND functional.

so replace that spare wheel with a 16" pimp unicycle.

complete with 72 spoke hub and a low profile whitewall tyre
not forgetting the velvet seat and gold plated everything.
you’d need a joe rowing frame to give it that pimp look too.

carrying a spare ulitmate wheel wherever you go could get points too.

if i end up moving full time to a city where its possible/usefull to ride a bicycle, i’ll get a lowrider, so if i do then thats what i’m having instead of a spare wheel.

I don’t think that the extra wheel is the only thing that is just for show… :roll_eyes:
I still don’t see how anyone could justify spending money on something like that. But that’s just personal opinion.

I’m still collecting parts. Darren made a 144 spoke wheel that I want . I’ve got the fender. I’m searching for an old banana style seat that I can use and recover with some nice crush velvet or something. My present pedal idea is to use bmx pegs on it for pedals although there is something to be said for those classic twisted metal pedals.
It’ll be a pure fun/show uni. Maybe a light and some other little trinkets. White wall tire or something else pretty:D
That’s the plan for now.

dude, a low-rider uni, gold & purple like the one in the bike pic, would be really cool. i’d love to see one.

Darren has his wheel ready :slight_smile: