Lower geared schlumpfs

I didn’t want to continue with the major thread jack on the the other thread so thought I’d start a new one. :o

On the topic of gearing schlumpfs lower, has anyone tried lacing a regular internally geared hub (like a Shimano Nexus 3 speed) into a 36er wheel, and then building a penquin frame to fit?

For those that don’t know, penguins are like giraffes but built with the pedals directly over the wheel rather than higher up on the frame. With a 36er wheel, you’d sit up a bit higher, but I don’t think it’d be crazy high. You could have a grip shifter on your handle bar setup, and the option of a low gear, direct gear, and high gear.

You’d be higher up, and mounting could be a bit tricky, but hey, if we’re talking about freewheeling uni’s, why not penguin 36ers?

Just a thought…


Double post I guess? Disregard this thread please.