Lower-Body Protection

Has anyone tried something like these when unicycling:


My issue is that when I’m riding off-road, sometimes (particularly if I’m trying something that is really too hard for me to be trying :p), I can take some really hard falls onto my side. I bruise very easily to begin with, and sometimes I end up with these huge, base-ball size bruises on my hips. So, I’m looking for something that has a whole lot of padding on the outer hip area, but will otherwise not be super bulky.

Any recommendations? If there were a women’s version available, that would be really awesome, but I can just wear a men’s version if necessary.

Sounds like you need to practice bailing more. Try to run out or roll out whenever possible and you will be surprised how well you turn out after a nasty fall.

I broke four bones before I started (learned at a gymnastics center) to fall correctly. It is a great life skill for any sport.

The shorts look good too:).

Go with the regular bomber shorts, they have more coverage.

I wear hip/tail guard when skating on cement. It’s a hockey girdle and it’s bulky. It has save me many times.

Never felt the need when riding muni. Not that I never hurt my hips while riding, but it’s more rare.

Body armor is cheap insurance and can keep you playing.

Seems like you could make those. Get some loose spandex, sew it on the sides of some bike shorts that already fit to create an “insert” or “flap”, and then stuff the insert with as much foam or gel padding as you need. Close it with some velcro fastener.