Lower Back Protector Pad

I modified a large knee pad to be used as a lower back protector that covers the coccyx and the lower back. It is reinforced with some thick plastic sheeting.

Should anyone ever want to make one, I have directions and images in this gallery.

Concept came from Scott Bridgman’s MUniac.com website. I made it over a year ago and wear it everytime I ride. It really helps during UPD’s that cause a roll or just falling on that area of the back.

It took me about 3 hours to make, but a lot of that time was planning time.

Items needed:

tr2 large knee pad
thick durable thread
large plastic sheet - normally used as a flexible cutting board
11" of 2"wide velcro - available at a fabric store

My only recommendation for improvement would be to double up the sheeting.

Total cost was about $24. The pad was @$16 and the velcro cost @$1. I went to a dry cleaner that does tailoring and had them sew in some velcro into a pair of shorts that I use for MUni. That cost me $7. I had no access to a sewing machine.

I have three pairs of shorts with the velcro sewn into them. This is so one pair can be worn for each day of a MUni weekend.

At the time when I made this, I couldn’t find any type of protection like this on the market, so I made it myself. For all I know, there might be something available now.

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I started to make a tailbone protector also, but didn’t like the way it felt when riding. Any idea how many people have mashed their tailbone and had a serious injury? Is it a high incidence injury? What has prompted your butt protection efforts? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you did a nice job on the protector. I rememeber the one you had in New Jersey. Looks like a significant upgrade.

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When do you think we’ll see each other again? Don’t know when I’ll get out west, but I will try to make it someday.