lower back/ abdominal / groin pain?

I’ve noticed that my lower back, gut and sack really have been sore lately. I can only attribute this to the twisting and turning and general riding from a unicycle. I try to get a few miles in a day and I have really been riding a lot lately, is this just the result of cycling or should I be seeking medical assistance?

next time yor at the gym ask about “core” excercises they will hep strengthen your lower back as for the gut most likely is just getting a better workout. ask for ab excercises too

Make sure you wear something like bike shorts, compression shorts, something like that to protect your junk. I sat on a nut a few times in the first week I was learning. It’s not an issue now, just make sure you’re adjusted properly.

Slow down a bit and take it easy.

I think that unicycle is great for the back. It makes my back better.

It’s always beneficial to take a rest day, it revitalizes your muscles and it helps to build them up and make them stronger, which will help you out in the long run.

the right side of my back (lower and upper) is way overdeveloped compared to the left side. anyone else have this?

My lower back gets to be painful when I do those complete 180’s i.e. turning around by jumping.

I had that really bad when starting, now I get slight back pain every now and then, but I don’t exercise my core specifically.

No, but maybe I can’t see it since I’m not so skinny haha. Probably is somewhat since my right are is very overdeveloped. My right forearm is a little bigger as well, not by much, but it is.

My left upper back is more developed than the other side, but that’s because I drive with only my left arm, and I have to drive at least an hour and a half a day on a twisty windy road. I’ve been trying not to do it as much, but it’s habit, and it’s how I’m comfortable driving