Loving comment from my wife...

Last Sunday afternoon, we had some friends and neighborhood kids over to ride in our driveway so I decided that I should try to pass Level 3 in front of an audience. The Stomach On Seat skill was to be my downfall…it wasn’t pretty but it passed and I’m now a 3’er. After I was done, Mary told me that I might have trouble convincing the judges that I could pass Level 4 because, as Seat Out Back is a Level 4 skill, for some of us Stomach On Seat and Seat Out Back look pretty much the same. Of course she meant it all in jest and with the deepest love. As previously stated, the best comedy always contains an element of truth.



Congratulations on level three, Bruce. On the day that I passed level three, Ryan Woessner passed level ten. That was so cool. In some clubs you are now giraffe qualified. It’s time to have Ben teach you that jump mount.

Hi this is Ben, you were talking about me teaching my dad how to jump mount it. Ha, he would most likely snap the 5’ in the progress. I might have a video of my dad holding on to a basket ball hoop and me trying to shove it under him. Here is the story dad tried to do the step up mount and started to fall so he grabbed the hoop and hung. He asked me to stuff the unicycle under him and so I did. It was very funny.


So the family that unicycles together gets to laugh at their dad. :wink:

I’m never going to teach kids to ride. I don’t think I could handle the humiliation.