Love your KH frame? Get Matching Shoes!!!

Hey guys, I work at a local Shoe store and we just started carrying these awesome DC shoes that match any KH frame perfectly. I can vouch for their performance level as I use them for myself. They run $74.99 +tax. Obviously Uncle Sam loves his share. I can ship for free to a buisness address and a home address for $10. Let me know what size you need and I’ll let you know if its available.
Email me @ for fastest reply.

DC Shoe.jpg

Lookin’ fly. Looks like they would also match the N36 perfectly.

And to go along with Sask’s new cool thread: Only in the trading post on

thats sick! I kind of wish didn’t paint my KH white but not really.

Hey Andrew, are those the shoes Matt had at NAUCC?

Hey whats up Spenc? Yea same shoes we just got them back in. Let me know if you want a pair. Im sure Matt can agree with me on how well they work.

how much for pair o the pink crocs in the back ground?